Meet the Council

About Us

Harlem Community Education Council District 5 (HCEC D5) members are community and parent representatives, who live, work and send their children to public schools in the community. Our role is to reflect the needs, concerns and wishes of the community regarding the public education of its children.

Meet the Council 2023-2025



Schadell Barnhill


Brian Peters

Vice President

Damaris Rodriguez

Recording Secretary

Ayishah Irvin


Phoebe Arnold

Member, Manhattan Borough Office Appointee

Denise Randolph


Joseph Sparrow


Toby Vickers


Honey Walrond

Member, Manhattan Borough Office Appointee

Gina Williams





Our Roles and Responsibilities

Members are charged with promoting student achievement, advising and commenting on educational policies, and providing input to the Chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy on matters of concern to their district.

Our responsibilities can include the following:

  • Hold meetings monthly with the superintendent to discuss the current state of the schools in the district and during these meeting the public may speak, so that parents and the community have a voice and a public forum to air their concerns.
  • Approving zoning lines, as submitted by the superintendent.
  • Reviewing the schools’ educational programs and assessing them for their effectiveness on student achievement.
  • Submitting an annual evaluation of the superintendent to the Chancellor, and consulting on the selection of the community superintendent.
  • Serving as liaisons to School Leadership Teams and providing assistance.
  • Holding joint public hearings with the chancellor (or designee) for any proposed school closing or significant change in school utilization
  • Preparing a district report card and ensuring its public distribution.