CEC5 School Liaisons

School Name

CEC Primary

CEC Secondary

PS 30 - Rafael Hernandez/Langston Hughes {M030}



PS 36 - Margaret Douglas {M036}



PS/MS - 46 Arthur Tappan {M046}



PS 92 - Mary McLeod Bethune {M092}



PS/MS 123 - Mahalia Jackson {M123}



PS - 125 Ralph Bunche {M125}



PS/MS - 129 John H. Finley {M129}



PS 133 - Fred R. Moore {M133}



PS 154 - Harriet Tubman {M154}



PS/MS 161 - Don Pedro Albizu Campos {M161}



PS 175 - Henry Highland Garnet {M175}



PS 194 - Countee Cullen {M194}



PS 197 -  John B. Russwurm {M197}



PS 200 James M. Smith {M200}



Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School - TMAL {M318}



Teacher's College Community College - TCCS Lower {M517}



Teacher's College Community College - TCCS {M517}



IS 286 - Urban Assembly Academy For Future Leaders {M286}



New Design Middle School {M514}



Columbia Secondary School - CSS {M362}



School of Earth Exploration and Discovery - SEED Harlem {M371}



Frederick Douglass Academy - FDA {M499}



Thurgood Marshall Academy For Learning and Social Change - TMA {M670}



Eagle Academy For Young Men of Harlem {M148}